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Blacks New large map of Scotland on twelve sheets and boxed - 1862

Blacks New large map of Scotland on twelve sheets and boxed - 1862


Title: Black's new large map of Scotland - Twelve sheets each sheet mounted on cloth

Publisher: Adam & Charles Black, Edinburgh

Date: 1862


A complete map of Scotland on 12 sheets : coloured and numbered

  • Additional Product Information

    There are 12 numbered maps each backed on linen with square dimensions. The maps are on a scale of 4 inches:1 mile.

    Maps start at Irish Sea and work northwards from left to right - you can check the following link at the National Library of Scotland:

    There is a copy of this map in the National Library of Scotland Collection:




  • Condition Notes

    Overall in good condition:

    The box  - some significant frating along the edges and some repaired splitting but still very much intact and able to hold all maps in place. The front label has some staining and fading but is still legible with original price of twenty eight shillings.  There is a signature of a former owner and date 1880 down the right side of the label.

    The Maps - All in good condition with some staining along the folds and the odd fold split.


  • Size

    The Box size: 

    Height - 18 cms

    Width - 6.5 cms

    Depth -  11.5 cms

    Each map size -  498 x 539 mm

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