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Able Minds and Practiced Hands - Scotland's Early Medieval Sculpture in the 21st Century

Able Minds and Practiced Hands


Title: Able Minds and Practiced Hands - Scotland's Early Medieval Sculpture in the 21st Century - The Society for Medieval Archaeology Monographs
Author: Edited by Sally M Foster & Morag Cross
Publisher: The Society for Medieval Archaeology - Monograph 23
Date: 2005


Hardback - 1st Edition

  • Additional Product Information

    26 separate  Essays explore the current state of knowledge of early medieval sculpture in Scotland:

    Chapter 1 - Able minds and practised hands: historical fact, 21st-century aspiration by Sally M. Foster

    Chapter 2 - Sculpture in action: contexts for stone carving on the Tarbat peninsula, Easter Ross by Martin Carver

    Chapter 3 - That stone was born here and that's where it belongs: Hilton of Cadboll and the negotiation identity, ownership and belonging by Sian Jones

    Chapter 4 - "Just an ald steen": reverence, reuse, revulsion and rediscovery by Iain Fraser

    Chapter 5 - Fragments of significance: the whole picture by Isabel Henderson

    Chapter 6 - Christ's Cross down into the earth: some cross-bases and their problems by Ian Fraser

    Chapter 7 - Pictish cross-slabs: an examination of their original archaeological context by Heather F. James

    Chapter 8 - Hic memoria perpetua: the early inscribed stones of Southern Scotland in context by Katherine Forsyth

    Chapter 9 - The Govan School revisited: searching for meaning in the early medieval sculpture of Strathclyde by Stephen T. Driscoll, Oliver O'Grady and Katherine Forsyth

    Chapter 10 - Scotland's early medieval sculpture in the 21st century: a strategic overview of conservation problems, maintenance and replication methods by Ingval Maxwell

    Chapter 11 - The containment of Scottish carved stones in situ: an environmental study of the efficacy of glazed enclosures by Colin Muir

    Chapter 12 - The runic inscriptions of Scotland: preservation, documentation and interpretation by Michael P. Barnes and R. I. Page

    Chapter 13 - Understanding what we see, or seeing what we understand: graphic recording, past and present, of the early medieval sculpture at St Vigeans by John Borland

    Chapter 14 - The bulls of Burghead and Allen's technique of illustration by Iain G. Scott

    Chapter 15 - "A perfect accuracy of delineation": Charlotte Wilhelmina Hibbert's drawings of early medieval carved stones in Scotland by David Henry and Ross Trench-Jellicoe

    Chapter 16 - Bird, beast or fish? Problems of identification and interpretation of the iconography carved on the Tarbat peninsula cross-slabs by Kellie S. Meyer

    Chapter 17 - Figuring salvation: an excursus into the iconography of the Iona crosses by Jane Hawkes

    Chapter 18 - The role of geological analysis of monuments: a case study from St Vigeans and related sites by Suzanne Miller and Nigel A. Ruckley

    Chapter 19 - The early medieval sculptures from Murthly, Perth and Kinross: an interdisciplinary look at people, politics and monumental art by Mark A. Hall, Isabel Henderson and Ian G. Scott

    Chapter 20 - Know your properties, recognise the possibilities: Historic Scotland's strategy for the interpretation of early medieval sculpture in its care by Sally M. Foster

    Chapter 21 - Proposals for the re-display of the early sculpture collection at Whithorn: the evolution of an interpratative approach by Peter Yeoman

    Chapter 22 - Curators of the last resort: the role of a local museum service in the preservation and interpretation of early medieval sculptured stones by Norman K. Atkinson

    Chapter 23 - A museum curator's adventures in Pictland by Mark A. Hall

    Chapter 24 - The missing dimension: future directions in digital recording of early medieval sculptured stone by Stuart Jeffrey

    Chapter 25 - Three-dimensional recording of Pictish sculpture by Alistair Carty

    Chapter 26 - Towards a "new ECMS": the proposal for a new Corpus of Early Medieval Sculpture in Scotland by John Higgitt

  • Condition Notes

    Nearly new condition - one tiny knick on the front cover board but otherwise in perfect condition


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