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A large Victorian silver and Cairngorm stone Plaid Brooch

A large Victorian silver and Cairngorm stone Plaid Brooch


A bold and spectacular silver plaid brooch probably mid-Victorian. Unusually the engraved flowers are not just a thistle (x2) but also a Rose(x2)and a shamrock thus representing what was the Union of Kingdoms at the time. The centre of this large brooch is dominated by a large smokey quartz cairngorm semi precious stone set in a raised silver cup. 

  • Additional Product Information

    A plaid brooch is a key part of formal Scottish highland dress.used to keep a Scottish fly plaid in place when it is customarily draped over a man’s right shoulder. 

  • Condition Notes

    In very good condition overall. There is an engraved name on the back probably belonging to the first owner but it is now heavily worn and illegable. There is a very minor nick at the edge of the cairngorm stone but this does not distract from its overall aesthetic appearance.


    This is a second hand jewellery piece and will have some imperfections. Older jewellery was primarily hand crafted(modern jewellery is more often than not cast made). They are therefore unique pieces. 

  • Size

    Brooch Diameter: 6.5cm

    Cairngorm Stone Diameter: 3cm

    Weight: 56grms

  • Packaging

    All Jewellery pieces come in a presentation box.

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