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Album of the week - Strays & Waifs - Fat-Suit -Equinox Records- Released Oct 2019

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

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Strays & Waifs is the 4th album release from the band Fat-Suit, a group of highly talented and adept musicians based in Glasgow and capable of playing anything you want! Essentially a fusion band - they cross into jazz, rock, big-band, hip hop and trad folk and this latest release is no exception. They can move you through all the tempo gears with complex melodies using a myriad of instruments.

The band's latest offering assaults your senses from the start with an opening composition "Rumblings" by band leader Dorian Cloudesley that is straight out of a 1970's New York Cop series theme tune with Zappa-esque guitar from Fraser Jackson.

This album is not for the faint-hearted - the compositions are rumbustious - a lengthy sax solo in "Keo" is immediately followed by the cool bluesy trumpet work of Johnny Woodham in "The Crane And The Crow" before we are finally brought back with gliding serenity to the stunning trad roots "Countryside Quiet" and the calming Harp of Corrina Hewat.

"Brum Doing A Wheelie" brings us back again into classic up-tempo jazz-rock with big-band brass touches before the trombones take over the show in firstly "Caretaker" and then the complex "Uh-oh," both tracks superbly held together during multiple phases with epic drumming from Mark Scobbie and band star Gus Stirrat on the base guitar.

It's Gus Stirrat's track "Mombasa" that is one of the star tracks with virtuoso guitar by Davie Dunsmuir

And finally Dorian Cloudesley's mesmeric "Lunar Milk" takes us back to interstellar contemplation mode!

Be brave - take this band on - take a moment and move into their realm and just lay back and enjoy their breathtaking sounds. They give back what they take.

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