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Album of the Week - Burden Lake by Kevin Henderson & Neil Pearlman - Bandcamp digital - May 2020

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Listen While you read

This week's album of the week selection is a return the Scottish trad scene with a collaboration between the native Shetland fiddler - Kevin Henderson and American pianist and multi instrumentalist - Neil Pearlman. They are also joined by Neil Harland on double bass.

Their album "Burden Lake" is the perfect synergy of the old and new, where the sounds of traditional fiddle are combined with fluid & soulful trans-Atlantic keyboard melodies and nowhere better than in the track Liam's.

We are treated to traditional reels in Tune for Lukas/Talon's Trip to Thompson Island & Gas Station Raptors, but we are also led into the sublime melancholia with Da Trowie Burn.

Pearlman shows us his musical versatility with prodigious touch on the mandolin on San Simon/47 hours.

And the album's creativity is masterfully rendered on the title track Burden lake with Henderson's deft fiddle harmonics.

This is the traditional Scottish sound played to perfection. Enjoy!

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